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Commercial christmas light installation

Transform your business during the holidays into something magical and inspirational so you can attract more customers, improve employee morale and make your company stand out all at the same time. There is a holiday spirit during the holidays with everyone happier, kinder, and more generous.  We have a solution for all your Christmas lighting needs and can help your organization stand out this year and ever year to come.  We install holiday lights on a number of property types including: shopping centers, health care facilities, office buildings, restaurants, municipalities, HOA’s, car dealerships, and event parks.

Step 1

Free Quote and Design Consultation

When you hire Macario Brother’s Lawn Care, you hire a partner throughout the entire holiday lighting season.  We take care of everything from the design, to project management to actual installation. Our team of professional lighting installers are beside you every step of the way. We are a one stop shop providing all design, lighting materials, labor, and support.

Our desire is to provide you with quality Christmas lighting and outstanding customer service.   Whether you would like a Wreath, Roof Line, Trees, Garland, Snowflakes, or even Custom Decor we will focus on the details so you can attend to your business.

First, Macario Brother’s Lawn Care assesses your needs and collects all of the information needed to convert them into your own holiday winter wonderland.  In order to provide us with a clear picture of the project’s scope and avoid any unnecessary complications or surprises during the process we will walk the property with you to ensure we have address all the items you want completed.

Step 2

Christmas Light Installation

A Christmas light display from Macario Lawn Care can truly leverage the magic of the holidays to increase sales. From brand awareness and public relations exposure to increasing foot traffic and visibility, professional holiday lighting can truly make a difference in your businesses bottom line.

Step 3

Maintenance & Takedown

With Macario Brother’s Lawn Care, we want the holiday season to be hassle-free when it comes to Christmas lights and décor when you let us take care of all the details. Not only do we install your chosen lights and decor, we also remove the entire installation during the month of January

Maintenance is provided throughout the season, so you can always count on a lasting light display. 

Step 4


When you get our holiday lights and decor, rest assured all items are labeled, packed into bins and stored properly so they are easily located and ready for installation the following season.


Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about a project, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is happy to offer a free consultation to answer all your Christmas lighting questions.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Our holiday lighting and decor packages start at $750.00 and go from there depending on what you would like.

I See Lights Are Provided, Do We Purchase Them Or Do We Rent Them?

We are an All Inclusive leasing company providing commercial grade LED products.

How Is Pricing Determined?

The price is factored by the size of the project, the product type, risk, difficulty of the display as well as when the work that needs to be completed.  Prices are generally less in September and October or early November as opposed to the holiday rush around and right after Thanksgiving.    

Do I Need To Be Home For The Estimate?

We prefer someone is home to make contact but it isn’t always necessary.  Our design professional will look at your home and put together a proposal for you that will be emailed to you. The proposal will be itemized with details and if possible a render will be included as well.  The proposal will included different display options and it will give you the flexibility to pick and choose the look you want, while still maintaining your budget.

about us

Macario Brother’s Lawn Care is a recognized leader serving local customers with residential and commercial holiday lighting and decor services. From roof-line lights, to pathway lighting, rely on Macario Brother’s Lawn Care to bring experience, beauty, and value to your holiday lighting project.