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Christmas Wreaths & Garland

During the Christmas season, kids and adults are generally happier, kinder and in the Christmas spirit. There is no better way to share your Christmas spirit with neighbors and friends than to decorate your home in Christmas lights and décor.

At Macario Brother’s Lawn Care, our residential Christmas light installations services are performed at all types of homes from townhouses to estates and even home owner association communities. Every walkway, tree, driveway, porch, roofline and outdoor patio can be decorated with lights and decor to wow your guests, with a Christmas display for everyone to see and enjoy.



Macario Brother’s Lawn Care offers commercial grade outdoor holiday wreaths to help bring the spirit of the holidays to your home or business. We only use commercial grade wreaths that are specifically designed to be used outdoors and are able to handle the elements from the sun, rain, and even snow. Wreaths are available with and without lighting and can also include decorative additions such as bows or ornaments. 

We offer Christmas wreaths in a variety of sizes that are sure to make your home or business look great this holiday season. Our wreaths start at 30 inches and are available up to 6 feet in diameter and larger based on your needs. Just like our holiday lighting our service includes installation, removal and storage during the off season. We properly store our wreaths by hanging them during the off season so they do not get smashed and are sure to look great for years to come.



 Garland is a traditional element of any elegant holiday decor and Macario Brother’s Lawn Care offers commercial grade holiday garland that is designed to be installed outdoors. Garland is available with or without lights and can also include decorations such as bows, pine cones, or ornaments.  Our garland is commercial grade because its industrial quality and detail that make it look natural. The commercial grade garland is nicer than anything you will find at one of the local box stores and will last longer too!


Frequently asked questions

If you have questions about a project, please don’t hesitate to ask. Our team is happy to offer a free consultation to answer all your Christmas lighting questions.

How Much Does Your Service Cost?

Our holiday lighting and decor packages start at $750.00 and go from there depending on what you would like.

I See Lights Are Provided, Do We Purchase Them Or Do We Rent Them?

We are an All Inclusive leasing company providing commercial grade LED products.

How Is Pricing Determined?

The price is factored by the size of the project, the product type, risk, difficulty of the display as well as when the work that needs to be completed.  Prices are generally less in September and October or early November as opposed to the holiday rush around and right after Thanksgiving.    

Do I Need To Be Home For The Estimate?

We prefer someone is home to make contact but it isn’t always necessary.  Our design professional will look at your home and put together a proposal for you that will be emailed to you. The proposal will be itemized with details and if possible a render will be included as well.  The proposal will included different display options and it will give you the flexibility to pick and choose the look you want, while still maintaining your budget.

about us

Macario Brother’s Lawn Care is a recognized leader serving local customers with residential and commercial holiday lighting and decor services. From roof-line lights, to pathway lighting, rely on Macario Brother’s Lawn Care to bring experience, beauty, and value to your holiday lighting project.